Regina police not releasing the findings of RCMP review into 2015 death

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Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said that the results of the RCMP review of the Nadine Machiskinic death investigation will not be made public.

“There are techniques in here around major case management and investigation that are, I believe, sensitive to police investigations,” Bray said. “I know [the family is] frustrated, but making that report public wasn’t something that I planned on doing.”


Machiskinic was found at the bottom of a laundry shoot at Regina’s Delta Hotel after falling 10 stories in Jan. 2015. Her death was not reported to police until two days later.

Nadine Machiskinic’s aunt ‘disappointed’ after RCMP investigation review

An autopsy report said she died of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and trunk consistent with a fall. Blood tests showed a mix of methadone, alcohol and three other drugs in her system along with high levels of sleep medication.

The coroner ruled her death accidental saying there was no evidence of foul play, but the jury in a coroner’s inquest last year changed the ruling to “undetermined.”

Machiskinic’s family has been critical of the investigation, saying it took 60 hours before the investigation even started and questioning how she fit through the 53 centimeter opening to the chute.

At a press conference, Bray said much of the review focused on the delays in the case, but he does not believe the delays impacted the outcome of the case.

“One of the examples is a delay in sending away toxicology reports,” Bray said. “Because of the way we were notified of this investigation- it didn’t come in the typical way an investigation would- it was two and a half days later. We sent officers out to process the scene and one to go and take part in the autopsy. Each feeling that the other had sent away the toxicology reports.”

RCMP complete review of Machiskinic death investigation

Bray added the review also focused on changes moving forwarded including some policy changes and the reallocation of resources, including moving two police officers into a major-case management section.

He did acknowledge the family is unhappy with the results of the investigation, but said there is no evidence to suggest that someone was responsible for Machiskinic’s death.

At this point, police consider the investigation closed, but are open to new information if it becomes available.

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