Edmonton Humane Society hopes to ID owner of ‘neglected dog’ found in garbage bag

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WARNING: This story contains disturbing details.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally said the dog was found in a garbage bag placed in a box, based on information provided by the Edmonton Humane Society in its new release. The EHS later told Global News the dog was actually in a box that was put inside a bag. The article has since been updated to reflect the new information.



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    The Edmonton Humane Society is asking for tips from the public as they try to identify “the owner of a neglected dog” reportedly discovered inside a cardboard box that was placed inside a tied-up garbage bag earlier this month.

    In a news release issued on Monday, the EHS said the “Shih Tzu-type dog” was brought into their care by a Good Samaritan on Nov. 3. The person who brought the animal in said they found the bag in the northeast corner of a Costco parking lot located at 12450 149 St.

    “The manner in which the dog was left and his condition upon arrival is extremely concerning,” said Danika Bodnarchuk, the supervisor for animal protection services at the EHS. “In the entry exam, our medical team noted that his entire body was covered in dense mats tight to the skin, to the point where they were preventing him from defecating.

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    “The mats were also caked in urine and feces,” Bodnarchuk went on to say. “Matting to this extent can cause discomfort and damage to the skin and joints, leading to pain.

    “In addition, the staff determined he was thin and his nails overgrown.”

    A photo of a Shih Tzu-type dog taken upon his arrival at the Edmonton Humane Society. Medical staff noted his entire body was covered in dense mats tight to the skin.

    Supplied by Edmonton Humane Society

    The EHS said its medical team is providing the dog with care. They’ve taken to calling him Wyatt, meaning Little Warrior, and said he is gaining weight and has had his matted fur shaved.

    “He remains in protective custody at the animal shelter while the investigation is ongoing,” the EHS said.

    The EHS said that to date, it has only gained limited information about how the dog ended up in the parking lot and are pleading for anyone who can provide them with more details to come forward.

    “We are hoping that either a witness who was at that store, around 11:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. on Nov. 3, or someone who recognizes the dog and can help identify an owner, will come forward,” Bodnarchuk said.

    Anyone with information about the dog or its owner is asked to call EHS’ animal protection department at 780-491-3517.

    Wyatt, the neglected dog left in a Costco parking lot, remains in the care of the Edmonton Humane Society while animal protection officers investigate.

    Supplied by Edmonton Humane Society

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